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From 1 Person ( $4,000 a month)​

1,000/7= 142.<857143> A Day​

The development comes from how to raise 142.857143 to 143.857143​

$12,000 every 3 Months​

$24,000 every 6 months​

$48,000 every year​

Consistently , ​

This investment includes Self Development, Analysis, Scene Study, Character Breakdown. ​

This is an outline of 1 Dance/Acting Class during the week. ​

The remaining balance of <.857143> does not become a 0(zeroed out number) until after 7 days leaving you with 6.000001 being a positive balance after starting in a deficit. In broader terms, it will take the complete training of 7 days before you see and notice the script/scene sequence as well as or including choreography and self-development throughout the art form(s). ​

28 day training cycle with a minimum of 0-3 days off a month. ​

3-9 days off throughout 3 months​

6-18 days off throughout 6 months ​

12-36 days off throughout 12 months ​

Roughly you have 1 month and 5 days without being introduced to a character , or choreography per billing cycle.​

Committing to this weekly will be what you make it. ​

Advice : , plan your year out starting with a Vision Board, Plan out the Cost with what you make , Plan your down time, Plan your life based on these things and this principal. ​

  • Drop in Development Classes would also be $1,000 per person a week. Ranging from a positive ROI of $1,000 to Maximum Capacity times $1,000. ​

  • Example starting on a date other than the first of every month , the 28 day cycle will still be in place accounting for the approved amount of clients. 

$4,000 a Month by 1 person can ensure a private class for themself or a team needing development for an upcoming show, event , film, audition. ​

This includes a 28 day cycle. And a descriptive notice by client . ​

Similar Development to $1000 outline but dependent upon what the client needs for help towards an outside source/connection. 

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