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$150 daily/ $1,000 per week

Dance is a freedom of expression that everyone is capable of building upon . In class you will be pushed to find comfort in your own movement. You will be challenged to have self-confidence infront of an audience or camera as well as build physical strength and flexibility . You will be challenged emotionally , mentally , spiritually and physically. 


Throughout the day you will be asked to be authentically you using the good and bad that shapes you into who you are. Together we will learn strategies to extract the good and develop ways to correct or lessen the bad through the means of Dance and Acting 


$200 daily/ $1500 per week

Acting can be used to portray a specific character , event , or idea . In class we will develop scenes, scenarios, and or events that take place around your personal ideas/life as well as an actual script we use through the course of the day . 


Throughout the courses, you will learn skills that will help you in your journey in Entertainment . If you are someone solely being apart for therapy or fun , you can still learn the ways in everyday life to present yourself , your business, and your ideas professionally. 

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