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$150 daily/ $1,000 per week

Dance is a freedom of expression that everyone is capable of building upon . In class you will be pushed to find comfort in your own movement. You will be challenged to have self-confidence infront of an audience or camera as well as build physical strength and flexibility . You will be challenged emotionally , mentally , spiritually and physically. 


Throughout the day you will be asked to be authentically you using the good and bad that shapes you into who you are. Together we will learn strategies to extract the good and develop ways to correct or lessen the bad through the means of Dance and Acting 


$200 daily/ $1500 per week

Acting can be used to portray a specific character , event , or idea . In class we will develop scenes, scenarios, and or events that take place around your personal ideas/life as well as an actual script we use through the course of the day . 


Throughout the courses, you will learn skills that will help you in your journey in Entertainment . If you are someone solely being apart for therapy or fun , you can still learn the ways in everyday life to present yourself , your business, and your ideas professionally. 


Mya has been apart of the Entertainment Industry for 16 years. She has been a choreographer for 2 years. She has been able to train and perform in the United States under Georgia, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles's hottest and well known choreographers and business owners .Not only has Mya been able to dance professionally ,but gain professionalism in her Acting career.  Mya has transformed her recreational passion into multiple streams of income. She has been able to learn her desired skill sets in Acting based on the understanding of the Meisner technique and Ivanna Chubbuck technique . Performances that she has danced background/ ensemble in have given her life skills and an understanding of her growth and talent in the industry.  Becoming Self Employed in 2019, Mya has became a choreographer for facilities such as  Brighten Academy Elementary School, Anthony Murray Studios , and AREA Talent Agency .  Having a passion for the next generation , she is using her skills to build students repuitore of the understanding of the arts and how to be confident and successful in those fields. The is also training her students in the areas of Hip Hop Choreography, Heels Choreography, Stage and Studio Acting ,Scene Development , Character Analysis and Exercise Therapy. Mya wants to encourage those suffering that through Dance and Acting you can find your release spiritually , physically and emotionally .


"I often say some blessings are blocked by what you refuse to leave, let it go. Meaning that just because you may have an experience that shapes the next portion of your life, doesn't mean that it has to take control of it. My training will teach the difference between settling with understanding to settling with yourself and taking the understanding to manifest revenue instead of pain and suffering or unprofessionalism. I want you to be great . I want us to grow in our development and I want you to become the best version of you with my help. Vice Versa. My class gives you the clues and I gain the knowledge of the world through your eyes"  

Outside of the Arts Mya has a passion for people. On her humanitarian efforts, Mya has volunteered with shaping her ideas of professionalism and self awareness in those efforts.  She plans to cater to those suffering from Mental Illnesses and Abuse and produce a series to highlight the importance of the affects from these things to showcase to you. Excited for 2021, Mya cant wait to embark on this journey with you


All payments are final, you can be sued for provoking an agreement based on malice intentions of her business and of Mya Jade Murray.  


Skills : Alto Singer , Hip-Hop ( Groove, Technique, Movement ) , Jazz (Standard) Ballet (2 Years) , Contemporary (2 Years ) Improvisation (2 Years ) Stage Combat (2 Years) Developing Content (4 Months) 

References: Kierra Douglas ( Retired Falcons Cheerleader and Dance Studio Owner) Montez Nash (Dance Instructor/Educator) Debbie and Curtis Benjamin ( Founders of Saving Our Daughters ) Mona Stephen( Celebrity Interior Designer ) Lisa McDonald ( Principal of Brighten Academy Elementary ) Shequita Pate ( Overseer of the Dance Department at Brighten Academy Elementary/Business Owner ) Anthony Murray ( Pastor of Oasis Family Life Church ) AREA Atlanta , ATLA Entertainment Studios, Alicia The Singer ( Gold Record Recording Artist and Vocal Coach ) Robert Conner (Instructor/ Actor) 

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